Couple reasons why global warming is not due to human activities

By Chudan Wang

During the recent years we have heard a lot about global warming and how much it influenced our climate and daily life. Advertisements were shown everywhere that human activities are the reason why temperature keeps growing. In that case, people need to try to be environmental- friendly as much as possible and reduce the releasing of warm-house gases. However, according to some current  researches and videos about the real reasons about global warming, human activities are not the main reason of global warming, they are not enough to rise up the temperature of the whole globe. Recently, people can find resources about whether global warming is caused by man or not. Both sides have their “scientific evidence”. It is not quite easy for people to evaluate  the images and data on the internet. How credible or trustable the speakers are, different groups have different opinions. Although there are more texts that support that human activities are the causes of global warming, there are other voices arguing that global warming is actually not happening, it is natural, carbon dioxide can not be the cause of global warming, human activities produce much smaller amount of warm-house gases and here are some other links:

Dr Don Easterbrook Exposes Climate change Hoax

The IPCC Exposed

Great Global Warming 

The great global warming swindle

Firstly, scientists did a lot of research about The Vostok ice core sample. There are gases that remain in the ice which can help scientists to figure out the form of the atmosphere before. After research, scientists got the relationship between carbon dioxide and world temperature. They found out that temperature was increasing from 800 years ago, besides, CO2 is not the only gas that can heat the earth. Temperature doesn’t follow carbon dioxide, then who is controlling? Evidences showed that temperature is changing regularly, following the changes of the sun. Judging from the gram of global temperature dynamics through thousands of years on earth, there were much longer time periods when the globe was much hotter.

Images links:





Secondly, even if CO2 is the reason if global warming (though it is not, supported by many scientists), what human is producing is just a small amount. Earth is a huge ball for human. There are a lot of elements that can release warm-housing gas. Oceans produce the most amounts of CO2 and water vapor. Besides, water vapor can cause more effect on global temperature. The second are the volcanos. Volcano activities can produce huge amount warm-house gases. Human- beings’ produced CO2 can not catch up with the “number” of other sources producing warm-house gases.  Animals and plants also produce a lot more CO2 and other gases. After the death of animals and plants, CO2 is produced along with decomposed by microbial. In those cases, Human does not response for producing too much warm-housing gases.

gw gw2

Thirdly, there are some political or economy reasons that people get the information about global warming caused by human. Governments want people to believe in this way for their own interests. Some big companies are earning a lot by “global warming”. Huge amount of jobs are related with this public belief. Everybody on the planet might be the stakeholder of this global warming controversy. Too much unknown and too much unbelievable facts. Detailed facts could be make people shocked and strong reflections. Countries are fighting with oil and sources for countries’ use. By sending the messages of human caused global warming  and may destroy the living circumstance of all lives on the earth and everybody on the planet is responsible and believed so. Effects of this public belief is very obvious.

It may not be easy to believe what had been known for decades, most of people had hold the idea that human causes global warming for a long time. Besides, among all kinds of media sources, the conditions of those debates can easily make people confused and hard to choose a “side”. The truth can not be always be hided, especially for such a big deal. More explains from the supporters of the two opposite opinions would gradually coming up and progressing, along with the dynamics of the public supports.

Moreover, here are some links for global warming is caused by human:


National Geographic News

people can also find many published books and articles with many explains of global warming. This issue appears on text books of all kinds of schools which seems strongly appeals to ethos.

It is good for everybody to take care of our living circumstance and be environmental friendly, such as recycling, reduce pollution from many perspectives, however, it is necessary for people to know what is really happening without getting true messages.

Here are some debates from the public about “Global warming”: (


Opinions for global warming is caused by human: 


Global warming making a good point


“Becuz we have all this stuff we are putting in the air like the pic that is on this all the full from are cars all the littering we are throwing are trash on the ground and all that why when the end comes it is not going to be nothing we are going to make it happen before any thing else people do not think about this kind of stuff i hate people becuz of all that stuff just if you would stop all that bad stuff the world would be a lot better then it is right now all the war all the bad stuff we put in the air”



Opinions that humans are not the cause: 


Humans are not responsible for global warming.

” No, because compared to the size of the Earth, human activity is pathetically small. We don’t cause it. We do contribute to it. Global warming has been happening for a long time and it started before humans existed. Meaning that global warming happens from nature. Humans may have speed up the process a little bit but it is mainly nature and the outside environment. This planet has gone through many ice ages before humans were here. Global warming is probably happening, but I do not believe that it is the fault of humans. This planet has not had the same climate through it’s entire existence. It has warmed up and cooled down many different times and I think that we are in one of the warming cycles. Also I question the accuracy of the thermometers they used 100 years ago to even think that the entire world is warming up. Global warming is NOT humans fault and responsibility.”

It’s just apart of Nature.


” The world heats up every couple of centuries. It’s apart of how it works, to help renew itself. It replaces the old with the new. Human’s have made an impact, a small one… While this is the worst on record, so was the last one, and the one before that. It’s not because of humans.

As the populations of ALL animals increase, methane and Carbon Dioxide amounts increase. With this in mind, every time the world heats up, it get a little worse. The world will naturally cool down on it’s own, and life will carry on.

Scientists believe the world can hold hundreds of billions (exact amount is hard to pinpoint) of humans. We aren’t the problem, only a piece of it, not that there is a problem right now. When the “renewal” process the world goes through is down, we won’t notice it anymore.

It’ll be another 150 years before the world heats up again. It might take 300 years for it to be too bad to ignore, but it still won’t be all because of humans. In the end, it’s just apart of Nature.”





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